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Feast your eyes on the unmatched beauty of the Chain Reaction Trail.

In our first official episode of KrawlZone you not only get to meet the team, but we take you on the Chain Reaction Trail in Sand Hollow State park to do some extensive rock crawling. Eric Beard leads the trail in his Green Jeep. Nic and Meg Melby follow up with the film crew in tow but unseen, because, yeah, their behind the camera.

You’ll get a closer look at both of these, rigs and we bring you a trail repair. Two batteries and a set of jumper cables are needed to re-weld a driveline.

Vic Buness of KrawlTek Racing took carge of the trail repair by pulling two batteries from different rigs. He sat one battery on top of the other so the positive and negative posts were touching. He then connected a set of jumper cables to the two batteries. The positive to the one battery and the negative to the other battery. on the other end the negative cable was grounded to the rig and a welding stick held in place by the last positive clamp. This created a 24 volt loop from the two 12 volt batteries. That was enough to get the 24 volt welding rod to arc and weld up the torn drive shaft.

What about eye protection. Well luckily Vic had a welding helmet with him, but we’ve seen it done by layering several sets of sun glasses and then squinting. We’re not suggesting thta is is a great work around, but in a pinch it seemed to work. But as with all trail repairs, be careful and be safe.

KrawlZone is about rock crawling and the off-road adventure lifestyle. We like to find action and adventure and bring you the cool places and events of off-road motorsports.

All this an more in this episode of KrawlZone!

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